Director : FUSE directors
DOP : Guillaume Lomprez
Production : Prodigious Film
VFX : Prodigious CGI
Music and sound design : 6ème son

Making of here :

Director : FUSE directors
Production : FUSE directors
Creative Directors : Laurent Ckris & Mathieu Gérard

Music : Balance of power by Paul Mottram

Editors : Laurent Ckris & Mathieu Gérard
Final editing : Laurent Ckris

CG Facilities : EyeDream
CG artists : Mathieu Gérard (from layout to compositing), Nelson Dos Santos (sculpture modeling, set : final modeling and textures), Ilyas Dizdarevic (additional modeling and some shaders for packshot).

Special thanks to :
Francis Lanne and Yann Dubois for let me use EyeDream's 3d dept facilities.
EyeDream and Sequencis employees for support and councils.
Claire Ferry and Léa Arnaud for their ponctual help during the shadow creation process.

Unisep launched a call to participation on a creative platform to realise his 2010 campaign about Multiple Sclerosis, this was my try.